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APVC composite tile

Release time:2018-11-14 14:54:09 

      Thickness: 1.5-3.0mm Width: 1120mm Length: customized according to customer requirements

      Color: upper and lower color blue, green, red, yellow, gray intermediate color defaults to white

      The product uses a three-layer co-extrusion technology to process each layer of material with different functions, including:

      1. The surface material is weather resistant resin to ensure the durability and chemical corrosion resistance of the product; the shading modified APVC material with excellent toughness is used to strengthen the rigidity when the strength is ensured.

      2, the bottom material is white tough wear-resistant material to increase the space sense and brightness of the plant, two different materials give the product their own functional characteristics, and organically combined, is APVC anti-corrosion composite wave board to solve the product durability corrosion Small space and aesthetics。

      Excellent corrosion resistance:

      APVC composite tile can resist corrosion of various chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt for a long time. Tests have shown that there is no chemical reaction in salt, alkali and 60% of various acids for 24 hours. It is very suitable for use in acid rain-prone areas, corrosive plants and coastal areas. The effect is particularly remarkable as an ideal alternative to color steel tiles.

      Excellent weather resistance:

      The surface material of APVC composite tile is coextruded with super weather resistant resin surface layer, which is the best engineering plastic in the world。 This ensures that the product will not be faded and the physical and mechanical properties are durable under the harsh conditions of outdoor exposure。

      Strong fire resistance:

      APVC composite tile, fire performance = B1. It is a flame retardant material.

      Sound insulation is good:

      APVC composite tile test proves that APVC composite wave tile has good noise absorption effect when it is affected by external noise such as heavy rain and strong wind. Compared with the color steel plate, the noise is reduced by more than 30dB. Especially the foaming wave tile. The sound insulation effect is better.

      Excellent thermal insulation performance:

      The thermal conductivity of APVC composite tile is 0 325W/m。k, which is about 1/2000 of 1/5 C。 5mm thick steel tile of 1/30 of cement tile。 Therefore, without considering the addition of insulation layer, the thermal insulation performance of APVC composite wave tile can still achieve the best!

      Excellent resistance to load:

      APVC composite tile has good load carrying capacity。 In areas with low temperatures, the roof is covered with snow all the year round, and the surface is not damaged or broken。 After testing, 3。0mm APVC composite tile / under the support spacing of 800mm, loading 100kg。 tile will not crack and damage。

      Excellent waterproof performance:

      The high weathering resin selected for APVC composite tile is dense and non-absorbent, and there is no problem of microporous water seepage. At the same time, it has its own patented accessories, which completely solves the problem of water seepage of screw holes.

      Good impact resistance and low temperature resistance;

      APVC composite tile has strong external impact bearing capacity. After testing 1 kg of steel balls free fall from 3 meters high, no cracks will occur. The impact resistance at low temperatures is also significant.

      Excellent insulation properties:

      APVC composite tile is an insulation product, and it will be intact in case of accidental discharge. The special change is that the safety of the replacement metal tile in Leifa area is more secure. APVC composite wavy tile is also in anti-static material, which can make the surface less dust.

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