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Product Details

ASA synthetic resin tile

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Special Features

1. 10 Years No Color Fading

2. Excellent Corrosion Resistance

3. Excellent Anti-UV Performance

The ASA roof tile is a kind of Spanish style synthetic resin roof tile。 ASA is a kind of ternary polymer co-extruded by three kinds of materials at one time: acrylonitrile, styrene, and acrylate。 Either two-layer or three-layer co-extrusion technology is typically applied for the material production。

ASA has outstanding corrosion resistance and anti-UV performance, which provides our ASA roofing tiles with long term color stability and long service life. In addition, our environmental friendly products are also resistant to water, fire, and weather, and have good heat and sound insulation performances. These Spanish roof tiles can withstand strong winds and earthquakes, and their light weight ensures easy installation. According to clients' demands, our ASA synthetic resin tile is available with varied external designs.

①The adoption of highly weather resistant engineering resin ASA , makes sure the surface layer has at least 10 years’ color stability, superior UV resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance as well.

② Good quality modified PVC materials with high toughness is adopted to ensure the strength while without compromising on the rigidity.

Applications of Spanish Style ASA Roof Tile

The Spanish style ASA roof tile offers an ideal roofing material solution when you are planning to reconstruct your flat roof into pitched roof。 Also, it is a kind of commonly used building material for sheds, carports, stadiums, villas, holiday villages, mobile homes, prefabricated houses, garden pavilion, as well as many other types of residential and commercial buildings。

Residential House Project                              The Villa Project

Color Choice of Spanish Style ASA Roof Tile

Specifications of ASA Synthetic Resin Tile

Product Advantages

1. Long Lasting Color Stability

2。 Superior Corrosion Resistance

3. Remarkable Heat Insulation

4. Highly Fire Resistant

5. Exceptional Waterproof Performance

6。 Convenient and Efficient Installation

Technical Data of 3mm Thick ASA Synthetic Resin Tile

Note: The above testing results are achieved based on 3mm thick and tests conducted by SGS and are provided for reference only.

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