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UPVC plastic steel tile

Release time:2018-11-14 14:43:30 

     Thickness: 0。8mm, 1。0mm, 1。3mm, 1。5mm, 1。8mm, 2。0mm, 2。5mm, 3。0mm

      Width: 1120mm Length: indefinite length

      Color: blue, green, white

      UPVC plastic steel tile is made of polyethylene resin UPVC as raw material, supplemented with UV anti-UV agent and other chemical raw materials, scientifically matched, using advanced technology, the city of Aachen UPVC anti-corrosion board is a whole body material, the color is consistent, with good Fireproof, anti-corrosive, weather-resistant, non-asbestos-containing ingredients, bright colors, environmentally friendly and healthy。

      1。 UPVC plastic steel tile roof structure requirements: The shelf structure adopts steel or wood as the purlin, the strips are required to be flat, no deformation is allowed, and the two are parallel to each other and the span is uniform。

      2。 When the UPVC plastic steel tile is installed and overlapped, the trapezoidal tile will be placed horizontally with one wave, and the small circular wave will overlap the two waves。 When the span exceeds 24 meters, it is recommended that the small circle wave overlaps three waves, and it is recommended that the longitudinal overlap length = 200mm, please determine the lap layer ash according to the direction of water flow and the wind to avoid water leakage caused by installation。

      3, UPVC plastic steel corrugated strip span requirements:

      I PVC thickness of the tile;

      1。0mm quantity of tile, construction line span ≤700mm

      Roof tile with a thickness of 1.2mm-2.0mm. Recommended strip span ≤800mm

      For roofing houses with a thickness of more than 20 mm, it is recommended that the span of the strip be ≤900mm

      121FRP lighting tile recommended strip span:

      1。0mm-1。2mm thick, construction line span ≤1000mm

      1.3-1.5mm thick. It is recommended that the span of the line is ≤1200mm.

      The thickness is above 1.5mm, and the span of the construction line is ≤1300mm.

      4。 UPVC plastic steel tile is fixed with self-powered screws。 It must be pre-opened。 The diameter of the Charpy snail is 1-2mm。 The PVC star tiling is recommended to be fixed by PVC。 The number of fixing parts needs to be no less than 6 per square meter。 The waterproofing cap can be installed above the fixing parts。 The part around the shelf。 Please increase the fixings as appropriate, and ensure that the roof tiles extend out of the eaves within 100mm。

      5, UPVC plastic steel tile house from the wattage of the tile should consider the slope and the influence of the perennial dominant wind, the arrangement and laying of the roof tile should be opposite to the local dominant wind direction, that is, the outer side of the tile should be carrying the dominant wind direction.

      6. All fixing parts of UPVC plastic steel tile must be installed at the top of the wave top, and ensure that the fixing parts and the tile surface are straightened, and the fixing parts can not be over-tightened, so as to avoid deformation of the roof tile and water leakage.

      7. The installation of UPVC plastic steel tile is a system engineering, which needs to be carefully and carefully constructed according to the requirements to ensure the longevity of the product.

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