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PVC tile

Release time:2018-11-14 14:36:25 

PVC tile is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, supplemented by UV anti-UV agent and other chemical raw materials. It is scientifically matched and made with advanced technology. PVC tile, also known as plastic steel tile, is a new generation of color steel tile. The PVC tile adopts multi-layer coextrusion compounding technology, and the anti-aging layer is coated on the surface of the product to improve weather resistance and color durability, and the wear layer is added on the bottom surface. PVC tile has good fire resistance, anti-corrosion, weather resistance, no asbestos-containing ingredients, bright colors, environmental protection and health. PVC tile is widely used in the roof and wall of large-span door structure factory, which not only meets the anti-corrosion requirements of light steel structure plant, but also saves steel and reduces cost.

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