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Resin tile manufacturers tell you the characteristics of resin tiles

Release time:2017-6-23 18:38:24

1。 Excellent corrosion resistance

Synthetic resin tile and trapezoidal glass tile have very good corrosion resistance and can resist corrosion of various chemical substances such as acid and alkaline salts for a long time。 Tests have shown that after 24 hours of tearing in various acid-base salts, the synthetic resin tile remains undeformed and does not change color。

2, fire performance

Synthetic resin tiles and trapezoidal glass tiles are flame retardant materials。 Their fire performance reaches 81 levels after testing by the national fire department。

3, good thermal insulation effect

The thermal conductivity of synthetic resin tile and trapezoidal glass tile is 0。325w/m。k。 is 1/30 of clay tile。 1/5 of cement tile。 12000 of thickness of color steel tile 0。5mm。 Therefore, even if the layer is not considered, the thermal insulation performance of synthetic resin tile and trapezoidal glass tile can still be optimized。

4, excellent waterproof performance

Synthetic resin tile, high weathering resin for trapezoidal glass tiles。 It is dense and does not absorb water, so there is no problem of microporous water seepage。 Resin tiles and glass tiles have large single sheets and less roof joints。 Their waterproof performance is more prominent than traditional tiles。

5, anti-impact,

Good low temperature resistance

Synthetic resin tiles and trapezoidal glass tiles have strong external impact bearing capacity. After the experiment. 1 The ball of the public hall is free to fall from the height of 3 meters, and there is no crack on the surface of the tile: At a high temperature of about 120C, the low temperature -30C will not change color.

6, sound insulation is good

Synthetic resin tiles and trapezoidal glass tiles have a good effect of absorbing slow sounds and reducing the passage of the best sounds when subjected to smog, wind and other external noises.

7, good insulation performance

Synthetic resin tiles and ladder-opening glass tiles are insulation products。 Unexpected discharge will also be intact。

8, fast installation

Synthetic resin tile. The effective width of the ladder glass tile is 960mm and the weight is light. Easy to load and unload. The paving efficiency is high. 4-6 sets of stainless steel screws are required per square meter of tile.

9, excellent self-cleaning performance

Synthetic resin tile, trapezoidal glazed tile surface is not easy to absorb dust, once the rain is washed, it will be as clean as new, and there will be no fouling.

10, green environmental protection

Synthetic resin tiles, ladder-opening glass tiles do not contain asbestos and radioactive elements, and wells can be used in 6 wells, fully complying with green environmental protection requirements。

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